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Web Design and DevelopmentA combination of your vision and our expertise guarantees a result that you will be proud to showcase. Our main focus when creating your website design is to create a website that will attract attention, give a professional image and support the message you want to convey.

We know that a website with a well conceived graphic design, clear navigation and rich content will play a key role in helping you to generate new customers. By providing better information and enhancing your company’s image you increase your chance of generating more sales opportunities.

A Whole New Dimension to Your Business

Our Approach

  • We work together to determine your vision for your website. Is there a specific design you are envisioning?
  • We look at your current marketing materials and logo. You website should match that color theme. If you do not have those pieces, we can design them for you.
  • We look at your objectives for your website and how to want to position your business.
  • We discuss your target market and what your mission is.
  • Lastly, we take into consideration what your competitor’s are doing.

Responsive Design

Responsive design allows web pages to adapt seamlessly to the screen that they are showing on without compromising functionality. Websites with responsive design are viewed the same no matter which device you are using. The information stays on the screen and the user does not have to scroll left and right to see the information on the page as with non-responsive websites.

Website Platforms

Website owners must have a Content Managment System (CMS) if they are serious about their digital business. A CMS is a software solution which will allow you edit and publish content to your website so you control what your customers see. You have control over content and your digital marketing once the website is launched.

WordPress has become the CMS system of choice. Over 75 million websites in 2014 alone run on WordPress. What wa once a mere blogging platform has grown to be an extensive robust website platform. WordPress is searched five times as much as Joomla and nine times more often than Drupal. There are over 29,000 plug-ins for WordPress and its growing every day.

We do recommend WordPress for most businesses. However, we do develop and sustain HTML5 websites as well as other CMS platforms including Joomla and Drupal.

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